“Attachments” folder in OneDrive for Business

In the first week of January, one of our customer rolled out OneDrive for business function to 5000 Users.  After all the sites were provisioned, some users came back and asked question about a “Attachments” folder.  We did not had any details. 


After some research I did found about “Email Attachment” folder.  This folder will be used by Office 365 Outlook App to store attachments to OneDrive.  This feature was introduced back in January 2016. You can find more information from https://blogs.office.com/2015/01/14/save-outlook-com-email-attachments-onedrive-one-click/

After working with Microsoft, we are told that this feature is part a new feature that is being rolled out. 

Focused Inbox for Outlook for Windows, Mac and web

The Focused Inbox helps you focus on the stuff that matters most. Loved on Outlook for iOS & Android, now available on Outlook for Mac. Soon to be available on all Outlook endpoints. More details


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