uCertify Exam Prep Engine on the Web

uCertify has recently launched their Web Based Exam preparation site.  As uCertify guys had already given me access to all SharePoint 2010 Exam Prep kits I was amazed to see that all my four exams were visible on the web Interface after I logged in.

The site is accessible at https://learn.ucertify.com/


First thing that I noticed that the interface is totally opposite to what the uCertify site looks like. A simple introduction and ability to log in using different identities is great option.

After logging into site I was taken to catalog page where I was shown the current licenses I own.


I guess the easiest way to start an exam prep is to simply click on Open button

The home page of the exam will remind you of the childhood Black board where our teacher was used to write with White Chalk which he sometimes use a weapon while we go into sleep or “when the school will be off” mode.


Every section of the page is quite clear from here.  If you are preparing for the exam you should first spend few minutes in answering some question so that you can see where you stand in SharePoint Development.  Offcourse I am talking about “Pre-Assessment”.  Once you click on that you will be taken on to test selection screen where you will choose what to do.


Once you click on Start Test you will see few very interesting but bit difficult SharePoint Questions.


Another example of Nice SharePoint Development Question which is about Event Receivers


If you are a SharePoint Developer “Why don’t you just answer the question.”

Some questions are pretty tough and will surly test you knowledge of SharePoint development.  Take an example here


I failed in the test as I just answered 5 of 15 questions.


You can also use Practice Test If you are just preparing the answer the Actual 70-576 exam answers using the rich set of Practice Tests.


If you are in study mode and would like to study by exam objective you can choose Book Mode.


This way you can prepare step by step and see your status day by day.  The best thing about Book mode is that it covers each and every SharePoint developing topic as “Concept” so after reading this section you will not only able to pass the exam but will also prepare the some of the mostly asked interview questions.  If you have ever taken a SharePoint Interview you will agree with me about the picture.


Flip cards are nice innovation.  Although I personally never used this but I think it is great way to remember some of the most difficult things in SharePoint Development.  See an example of steps to perform when developing Custom Control.


When I clicked on Flip Card I saw the steps.


Study Planner gives you a complete picture of when you had started and where you stand in each section of the exam.


The last section is the performance Analysis section where you can see where you see various reports for the preparation.


The SharePoint exam kits of uCertify contains a full set of Rich SharePoint knowledge which can really help a SharePoint Developer to not only prepare for all SharePoint Exams but also Ignite his career to be a successful SharePoint Developer.  I strongly recommend you use this Prep Kit for preparing your SharePoint Exams.

For more information please visit www.ucertify.com


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