Installing MOSS on Windows Server 2008 Part II

In this post I will provide steps to install SQL Serve 2008 on Windows Server 2008 VPC.

Installing SQL Server 2008

1. Run the Downloaded SQL_YYY_FULL.exe and extract the files to some temp location 2. This will automatically initiates the installation of .NET framework 3.5.


Screen clipping taken: 6/28/2008, 11:43 PM

3. .NET Framework Installed 4. setup will install a Hotfix
image image
You should restart the computer Setup will configure your computer


Now login again Run Setup.exe from extracted Folder
image image
image image
Run the configuration checker Look for the status of each option
image image
Installation of  SQL Server 2008 Server Select New SQL Server standalone
image image
Setup support rules will identity any potential problem Wait for the configuration to get completed
image image
Enter the CD Key Accept the license agreement
image image
Setup Support Files will be installed  
image image image
image Select the desired options for SQL Serverimage
Select the Default Instance or change if required Click Next
 image image
Specify the password for system account I left it blank and selected all the account as the same account
image image
Select the authentication mode as required I normally use windows Auth I specify the administrator incase you want an domain account to have full SQL Rights



I gave the same user rights on Analysis Services I left the reporting services to configure later
image image
Click Next Click Next Again
image image
Confirm and review your settings and click install  
image image
Click Next when finished Click Close
image image

SQL Server 2008 is installed.  In the next post I will tell you how to install MOSS using Split Stream.


4 thoughts on “Installing MOSS on Windows Server 2008 Part II

  1. Hello Jerry,
    Is there any step-by-step office project server 2007 installation guide with sharepoint server 2007? I am very new to microsoft office in terms of installing and administrating them. Also, I would like to understand how sharepoint server interacts with office project server in terms of managing submitted projects. What will be the team web site after the sharepoint is installed. If you have some tutorials for it, please let me know.
    Also, your training material, Creating Project in Project Server 2007, can not be played in my windows player. The error is "error downloading codec". I can only hear your voice but no video is displayed. Any paper training materials would be great.

  2. Sorry. Forgot to add this question in the my previous thread.
    After sharepoint is installed, how do I verify that it is actually working? Where is the team web site in URL?

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